2020 Tesla Model Y Owner Destroys Advertised 0-60 Time

Popular YouTube Tesla enthusiast and multiple Tesla model owner Erik Strait got his brand-new 2020 Tesla Model Y with the Tesla Performance Upgrade and went head first into testing the car out for his YouTube channel DÆrik. The car only had 81 miles on the odometer when he did this testing!

Directly on the Tesla website, Tesla claims that the Model Y with the performance upgrade will do 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, which is incredibly fast for a car, let alone a crossover, suv… whatever you want to call it. But, in reality the car is capable of faster 0-60 times than they claim (maybe they’re motto is under-promise and over deliver?). So right after Erik picked up his Model Y, he got right to testing using his V-Box Sport that has a claimed accuracy of up to 0.1km/h… and within his first try, got a 3.3 0-60 time with almost no effort. The couple tries after that, were slightly slower, but still consistently faster than what Tesla is advertising.

Here is the Model Y page on the Tesla website:

Tesla Model Y Website Screenshot

Here are the results from Erik’s testing:

Run 1

Run 2

Run 3

0-60 MPH 3.30s 0-60 MPH 3.43s 0-60 MPH 3.40s
0-100 MPH 8.12s 0-100 MPH 8.19s 0-100 MPH 8.15s
30-70 MPH 2.72s 30-70 MPH 2.72s 30-70 MPH 2.77s
50-70 MPH 1.53s 50-70 MPH 1.55s 50-70 MPH 1.53s
60-130 MPH Didn’t try 🙁 60-130 MPH Didn’t try 🙁 60-130 MPH Didn’t try 🙁


0-60 MPH 3.38s      | 0-100 MPH 8.15s      | 30-70 MPH 2.74s      | 50-70 MPH 1.54s


As you can see by the results, the time is a fair amount faster which is impressive, considering these results took almost no effort to achieve. We that the times could have been a bit better if the can didn’t lose a little bit of traction in one of the runs, maybe a little less than about 40psi of air in the tires could have helped. But for the purpose of testing the car in the daily driven, straight from the factor format, this is an excellent base and IS STILL faster than claimed by Tesla.

Next time, we’d definitely love to see some 60-130 times to see if Tesla improved at all with their top-end. We all know and we’ve all seen how Tesla’s generally have a lot of low end acceleration, then lose a bit of that grunt when they start to get to the higher numbers.

Here is the full video of Erik testing his Tesla Model Y:

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